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ICEH is a chapter of American Nutritional Medical Association (ANMA), founded in 1984,incorporated with the office of the Secretary of State, Indiana, association recognizes and responds to issues facing the 21st-century suffering humanity while remaining rooted in respected traditions that define the human-nature relationship. It is at the forefront of the effort to educate CAM practitioners to serve as front-line defenders of the public against various ailments, Through a variety of educational, outreach and advocacy activities, it works to advance member development; promote the professional and scientific standards of natural and traditional medicine; improve the business and work environment for CAM practioners; and to serve as the public voice for natural medicine globally. Read more:



  1. Our chapter exists for the benefit of electrohomeopathic/ holistic practitioners who are members or potential members of the International Council of Electro Homeopathy (ICEH), by providing opportunities for networking, education, and transformational activities related to holistic health and in keeping with the principles of the ICEH.
  2. We develop and maintain our own operating guidelines, consistent with these
    ICEH Chapter Principles and with ICEH’s bylaws and operating principles. Our guidelines define Chapter leadership roles, duties and terms. Our guidelines are reviewed annually by our leadership and / or membership and with the ICEH board.
  3. Our chapter’s leadership is elected by local chapter members with the following criteria:
    a. All leaders are current members of the ICEH in good standing
    b. The President must have a doctorate-level degree(DC, DDS, DMD, DMP, DO, DOM, DSC, MD, ND, PharmD, PhDNP, PhDPsych, PsyD)
    c. At least two members of the leadership team must hold a medical license (MD, DO, MDH or ND)
    d. All others in leadership positions must be licensed providers, except for members who provide a supportive service to the chapter, including legal, marketing, fundraising, and accounting roles, as well as other roles that ICEH l might deem necessary for the function of the chapter
  4. All executive members of the chapter must be ANMA members in good standing. No additional dues are required for chapter membership. All ICEH members have voting privileges.
    Guests are welcome to chapter events that are open to the public.
  5. We are a self-supporting organization. Our efforts are the result of the volunteer time and financial contributions of our membership as well as revenues generated through our programming. We may request, and on occasion receive, resources and assistance from the national ICEH organization, when such assistance is deemed available and appropriate by mutual determination of the chapter and the ICEH.
  6. We acknowledge and support the ICEH’s brand, identity, mission and nonprofit status,being careful to avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest, and any action that might be contrary to these. We strive to always reflect well the history, culture, and principles of the organization and its members. We acknowledge that as a chapter of the ANMA, we will not pursue any for-profit activities and prohibit any individual or organization from profiting through association with the ICEH name.
  7. We develop and maintain a fiscal policy to guide our budget, including, but not limited to, all program expenditures. We ensure legal, financial, and accounting compliance to guard against the misuse of funds or resources. Policy decisions are made by leadership, with consensus whenever possible, and regularly communicated to ICEH’s executive director and the liaison to the Board of Directors.
  8. Our chapter reviews its support of the ICEH mission on an annual basis. Support may consist of financial contributions to the ANMA when funds are sufficient, volunteer activities, as well as other resources or efforts. We understand that while there is no minimum requirement for support, we acknowledge our commitment to the ANMA, its vision, and its mission.


Nagarjuna an Indian metallurgist and alchemist, born at Fort Daihak near Somnath in Gujarat in 931. He wrote the very first treatise Rasaratnakara that deals with alchemical preparations.
Spagyric medicine is ancient natural medicine the has undergone 500 years of trial, research and practice. Paracelsus the famous Swiss physician, Philosopher and alchemist is regarded as the founder of spagyric , but it was almost forgotten until the 19th century.
Dating from thee times of Paracelsus, the terms spagyric and spagyrism are derived from the Greek verbs “span (to seperate) and ageirein (to unify). They designate the art of creating medications of enhanced efficacy by performing the two fundamental alchemical operations. the valuable portions are first separated from those which are impure processed and subsequently reunited to yield an improved medicinal form (HELMSTADTER 1990). The source materials of spagyric medicines are exclusively from botanical origin. Depending upon the manufacturing process, differentiation is made among spagyrism according to Krauss.
Around the turn of the last century the Italian herbalist Count Cesare Mattei (1809-1896) rediscovered the lost spagyric art and founded the system known as electro homoeopathy in Italy. Mattei borrowed from Paracelsus the process of preparing the vegetable substances by means of a more or less complicated mode of fermentation, called cohobation, and also the final combination of he number of ingredients with similar or supplementary effects to form a complex medicinal unity. Mattei has kept the formulation secretly until the age of 78 and he gave all his work to his adopted son in laws Mario Ventrouli Mattei in 1887. After Mattei death in 1896 one of his disciple Theodor Krauss (1864-1924) has established his system in more advanced way. When the real supply of these remedies stopped in 1917 due to World war 1, Krauss reinvented the method in more scientific process known as Krauss method. Today the pharmaceutical company ISO, GmbH Germany is continuing his tradition via JSO Komplex heilwisen. First of all, these preparations enjoy success and worldwide appreciation because of their carefully chosen ingredient. Based on his key research with the founder of system count Mattei, Krauss added a few more combination remedies to the system, characterized by their broad therapeutic spectrum, they are highly acclaimed spinal cord of the system by experts from all over the world specially Germany since 1920.


The central pillar exists in spagyrism according to Krauss: phytotherapy, within the present context, phytotherapy is to be understood as the traditional art of healing with plants. The spagyric medications are administered in either their 4th or 10th decimal potency. The clinical propertise of the active medicinal substances within each preparation help determine the selection of the appropriate medication. In the Krauss’ school of spagyric therapy, pathological processes are not viewed simply as isolated instances of dysfunction in individual organs or within the mind. Therefore, the objective is to detect and treat the course of disease in the interactions with all the body processes.
In order to adequately cover the multi-level interconnections of an illness, this type of therapy employs complex medications consisting of a combination of numerous single-ingredient spagyric remedies. Selection of the appropriate spagyric agents to be included within a complex is based on the physiological and anatomical relationships existing among individual body functions, organs, and organ groups. The single-ingredient agents are combined into such a manner to influence a group of organs closely associated with one another in either a physiological or anatomic-histological manner. Contained within one Electro homeopathic medication are single-ingredient agents with similar fields of actions as well as those that influence the pathological condition from a variety of aspects.
The constituents are combined to target the illness synergistically while mutually supplementing their effects. Thus they selectively direct their effects within the diseased organism at multiple levels, each in correspondence with its individual rang of action, thereby collectively creating stimulation of the body’s intrinsic defensive and regenerative powers (Bruch 1939, Krauss 1989).
In the book “The Hidden Roots: A History of Homeopathy in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe” by Prof.. Dr. Robert Jütte, Director of the Institute of History of Medicine Foundation Robert Bosch in Germany is written that Dr Alexander Rosendorff (1871 – 1963) became “acquainted with Electrohomeopathy” when he met Cesare Mattei. The sign which he had installed in 1920 outside his practice in Tallinn, Waldstraße, however, said: ‘Homeopath’.
In the book “The essay on history of Homeopathy in Latvia” Marina Afanasieva, Medical Dept., Vice-President of LMHI of Latvia, published by the “Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis,” France has written a significant part on Mr.. Feliks Lukin ( 1875-1934) that he learned Elettromeopatia from Dr.Rosendorf in Tallinn (Estonia) and practiced in France but with the name Homeopathy.
In Farmacopia Omeopatica Germany, published by the federal government, the formulas are described as delll’Elettromeopatia formulas Omeopatiche.
Bärbel Tschech (Dip. biologist) in her article : A Discussion of Complex Homeopathic Remedies ,translation by Siegfried Letzel, published in Hpathy Ezine – July, 2007 Zimpel and Mattei have been described as homeopaths.

Member Benefits

Member Programs & Services
We hope that you find these resources useful as we continuously seek to improve the tangible rewards you receive as part of your contribution.
ICEH makes it easier and faster for the public to find you.
– Complementary listing on the ICEH “Find a Practitioner” directory, which has 19,500 visitors monthly
– Use the ICEH Enhanced Directory to make yourself even more visible, and fill in your practice description (licensed practitioners only)
– Free access to ANMA/ IHMS Online’s “Find a Practitioner” Network , where you will be accessible to all visitors
ICEH is proud to partner with renowned publishers to bring you the latest news and research through quality medical journals.
– Free electronic/digital subscriptions:
o Alternative Therapies Journal($100 value)
o Bi-Monthly ANMA newsletters
ICEH’s member discounts include some of the best training and services available to supporters of holistic medicine.
– $100 discount on registration for the annual review course offered by the ANMA/IHMS
– Eligible for a $250 discount on any of the Holistic Health certification programs.
o Members of ICEH are eligible for a $50 discount when they join
American Nutritional Medical Association (ANMA) or International Holistic Medical Society (IHMS)

About Us

Nagarjuna an Indian metallurgist and alchemist, born at Fort Daihak near Somnath in Gujarat in 931. He wrote the very first treatise Rasaratnakara that deals with alchemical preparations.

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