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International Council of Electro Homeopathy

P.O.Box 66005, Stockton, CA 95206, U.S.A.
Ph.209-271-2337,209-464-3884, Fax.209-943-2838

Schools where education in Electro Homeopathy was received: *
Application is made for Membership / Renewals / Lifetime / Fellowship: *
I hereby certify that the answers are correct, and that I am not in any way trying to entrap the International
Council of Electrohomeopathy.

The following should be attached to the Registration Form:

Appropriate Fee, Copies of all testimonials, Recent Photograph of yourself, CV of yourself.
Application fee $50/-, Membership fee $ 175/- Renewals $ 50/-,Lifetime fee $ 500/-,
Fellowship fee $ 500/-



Registration form, completed in all respect along with the registration fee, may be sent to the ICEH secretariat by any of the options below,

1. You can transfer the amount by Wire/Swift transfer in the following Bank account:
• Bank Name: Bank of America
• Accounts name: ANMA
• Account No: 11394-44401
2.Payment could also be made by DD/ Multi-city Cheques/Bank transfer to your nearest ICEH authorised Center.

A list of authorised centers may be obtained upon request

About Us

Nagarjuna an Indian metallurgist and alchemist, born at Fort Daihak near Somnath in Gujarat in 931. He wrote the very first treatise Rasaratnakara that deals with alchemical preparations.

Our Principles

  • Law of Polarity
  • Vitiation of Blood & Lymph
  • Constitution & Temperament
  • Law of Dosology
  • Selection of Remedy

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