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International Registrar of Electro Homeopathy

International Council of Electro Homeopathy (ICEH)

The IECH is closely aligned with the ANMA as several ANMA members were founders of IECH. ANMA is the certifying body of holistic medicine, helping train the healthcare providers who support patients on their path of healing.

ANMA was incorporated in 1994 to:

  • Evaluate the candidacy of applicants desiring certification as specialists in holistic medicine.
  • Establish and maintain high standards of excellence in the specialty of holistic medicine.
  • Improve the quality of medical care provided to the public.
  • Serve the public, physicians, health practitioners, hospitals, therapists, educators, state medical boards, and third-party insurance carriers, by having available, a roster of the diplomats certified by the board.

International certification is earned by demonstrating a high level of proficiency in electrohomeopathy/ holistic medicine. An annual examination follows a review course. To learn more, please contact the ANMA directly:


Category: Doctor – $450
A person who has earned a recognized doctorate degree (DC, DDS, DMD, DNSC, DPM, DO, DOM, DSC, MD, ND, PharmD, PhDNP, PsyD, PhDPsych, NMD or their equivalent) in medicine and is currently licensed to practice their profession by the applicable licensing or examining board.
Category: Licensed Practitioner – $250
A person who is a licensed (or license-eligible) healthcare provider, such as an electrohomeopath, hypnotherapist, massage therapist, mental or social health worker, nurse, psychologist, etc.
Category: Certified Practitioner – $150
Certified practitioners are professionals who work in the medical field in certain practice areas that are not licensable by an applicable licensing authority. Membership in this category includes listing in the ICEH public directory.
Category: Medical Student / Student – $50 until graduation
A person enrolled in a full-time training program at a recognized accredited school of medicine, electrohomeopathic or naturopathic medical college, or accredited college or university.
Category: Associate – $100
Any other person who aligns with the concepts and philosophies of holistic medicine and would like to support efforts to transform healthcare.

About Us

Nagarjuna an Indian metallurgist and alchemist, born at Fort Daihak near Somnath in Gujarat in 931. He wrote the very first treatise Rasaratnakara that deals with alchemical preparations.

Our Principles

  • Law of Polarity
  • Vitiation of Blood & Lymph
  • Constitution & Temperament
  • Law of Dosology
  • Selection of Remedy

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